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i am unapologetically haitian, womanist, and human.
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"I don’t look Haitian" - a poem

Reblogging this since some idiot told me recently that I was “too pretty to be Haitian”… that was a week ago, still upset. 

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Wait, what's wrong with Ass Whoopin? What am I missing?
tifanmkreyol tifanmkreyol Said:


My personal opinion goes like this:

  1. Perpetuates violence as the only form of discipline within Black families.
  2. Perpetuates the idea of violence being the only way to show loving discipline to children.
  3. Like in the Vine video, it immediately shuts off the creativity of children for them to be proper.
  4. Which, y’know, only comes from the fact that Black parents have to police their Black children’s behavior so strongly at home because Black parents know what happens when their children turn into Black adults: their society will actively kill them for stepping out of line in the slightest of ways.
  5. I don’t think you have to beat a child senseless for them to learn right or wrong, which is what ass whoopin’ implies.

There are more arguments I’m sure, but this is the basic gist of mine. Keep in mind, I don’t have kids, (which you know, but other people don’t,) and my opinion is just from being a survivor of child abuse and trying to undo abuse narratives in my own life. 


And now what do we have? We have the right to vote while we are homeless. We have the right to vote while we are jobless. We have the right to vote while our children are miseducated; this right that we were told would bring us a cornucopia of blessings and freedoms. We have the right to ride the front of the buses, we’re the only ones riding on it. Yes. We have the right to sit at the lunch counter with white folks and we ain’t got the money to buy a sandwich. We got all of these abstract rights but nothing real. This is the situation we face. We inhabit neighborhoods where the industries have flown away and left us of jobs and opportunities. Why? Because we have not paid attention to the realities of our lives. And now we are overrun with violence, because violence is the result of social disorganization. Violence is the result of a nation not being able to feed and clothe it’s people legitimately.
Dr. Amos N. Wilson (via disciplesofmalcolm)

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Beautiful Mole Saint Nicolas -Haiti

Mole St Nicolas, Haiti Columbus’ first voyage to the Americas on December 6, 1492 to Haiti’s…

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Crown hairstyles inspired by images of African Art.

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Giving me Life #Haiti #Ayiti #Lategram #LaPerleDesAntilles #BeachLife #NaturalBeauty

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Um girl you have to stop this

She is so wrong for that.  FAIL. -_-

She’s digging in a stranger’s hair just as she would a dog or cat. 

Does she know this person? Like before we go in…are we sure this isn’t a stranger and this was a permissible act?

If not, then by all means ether at will.

looks like a complete stranger’s

Chloe loves Afros 😂👌🙈 #bestfriend#afro#afrocomb#afrolove#afrolovers#hahaha#instaafro#instabeauties” http://instagram.com/p/lNPhUKyfYu/

My heart just raced. Lawd this white girl woulda got beat down by me and the ancestors! Woo! Dear god! *woooosah* #Iwishawhitegirlwould

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I’m because there is no plan B here. This is my heritage. In my veins. -@yvethepoet

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Runnin’ up my electric bill

African American Proverb: Black Parent Edition (via blackproverbs)

Stop Running up the current !! - West Indian Parent Edition

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Truth! Lol

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You own GPL ?!?! (Guyana Power & Light) - Guyanese Parent Edition

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Wap travay nan EDH? (Do you work for the Haitian Electric Company?) - Haitian parent version

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The Sirens, 1956, by Haitian artist Rigaud Benoit

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